Brand Guidelines

The following is a set of resources and guidelines meant to help communicate the Elaqua Marine brand.

Use of the Elaqua Marine logo and word marks for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Elaqua Marine is prohibited. Elaqua Marine does not permit or consent to any use of Elaqua Marine's name, logo or word marks in any manner that is likely to cause confusion or imply association with or sponsorship by Elaqua Marine. Please consult your legal counsel for advice. All materials that use Elaqua Marine name, logo and word marks must adhere to the Elaqua Marine branding guidelines below.

Download Elaqua Logo Kit

Do's and Don'ts

We have a few basic guidelines to remember when using the Elaqua logo. Keep to these and you’ll be good to go.

Do: – Use these files to refer to Elaqua. – Use the files as provided or request other size or formats. – Use these files when mentioning Elaqua in an article or in print. – Use these files to promote your Elaqua generated visuals.

Don’t: – Manipulate the logo colors. – Change the logo proportions. – Alter the logo’s orientation. – Add another type, design, or photographic elements to the logo.

Referencing Elaqua Marine

It’s pretty simple; Elaqua Marine. The “E” and “M” in Elaqua Marine are always capitalized. “Elaqua Marine ” is always separated with a space in between. "Elaqua" for short is acceptable once "Elaqua Marine" has been used once.

When referring to the legal entity, write out "Elaqua Marine, Inc." and when abbreviating, use "EM".

Color Definition

The Blue is #38B5E8. The RGB value is 56,181,232. Black is #000000 and White is #ffffff.

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Elaqua Marine, Inc. can be reached at