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Thank you for your interest in joining the Elaqua dealer network. We're here to support our dealers for the lifetime of our product and generate lasting partnerships. We strive for clear communication, reliable service, and integrity.​ Start your application and inquire about dealership opportunities below.
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Elaqua dealership opportunities allow for value across the distribution chain.

Become a dealer and experience the following benefits:

1. Be among the first
Become one of the first dealers in North America to carry the new generation of fully electric PWCs. Ease of use, ease of maintenance, and an integrated vehicle communication network truly revolutionizes the PWC experience for riders and dealers. We will provide custom solutions to the dealer and an aggressive monetary policy to make it profitable for both partners.
2. Fleets and Luxury Models
Our flagship model is perfect for PWC enthusiasts and first time PWC owners who are looking for a modern, high tech, luxurious experience while our base model suits the needs of the rental and fleet business sector.
3. SaaS revenue
Our fully integrated vehicle intelligence system gives customers access to a variety of software membership packages which open new dimensions of the PWC experience and Elaqua shares the revenue with the dealership for the lifetime of the unit.
4. Enel X accessories
Get access to exclusive offers to purchase and re-sell Enel X charging equipment and accessories. Enel X is the world leader in EV chargers and energy demand management systems- offering numerous residential and commercial charging options and energy management plans. Elaqua has partnered with Enel X to remain at the forefront of the growing EV marine charging industry.
5. Luxury apparel and quick-connect accessories
Elaqua has partnered with Vineyard Vines to offer an exclusive line of comfortable high-quality apparel, as well as line of PWC accessories to support all the ways that users enjoy their PWC.
6. Intuitive dealer portal
Dealers can manage new customers, orders, service, and spare parts through our intuitive dealer portal with support available 24/7.
7. Ease of maintenance
Maintenance of ePWCs is easier than gasoline PWCs, but with fewer moving parts and a simplified electric motor your service techs will spend less time waiting and more time doing.
8. Ease of business operations
With no gasoline or motor oil, servicing and maintaining our models is cleaner, costs less in overhead, and is better for the environment. Replacement parts are no more difficult than plug and play.
9. Sustainable Technology
Customers across all industries are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices. Electric PWCs appeal to both current PWC customers and to those who would only consider ePWCs because of their reduced environmental impact.
10. Way of the future
Electric vehicles have made huge strides in the last decade on the roads, in the air, and on the water. By becoming an Elaqua PWC dealer, you solidify your position as market leader for ePWCs and beyond.
Elaqua Dealership Portal.
Advanced dealer technology.
  • Our proprietary management platform allows for dealers to get an update on the status of their dealership
  • Comprehensive reporting- predictive maintenance alerts lets you know when customers are due for repairs/service. Our sensors can detect issues before they happen and notify you immediately
  • Easy placing of orders, quoting, and tracking of logistics
  • Integration with your current dealer CRM system
  • Cloud-based tools conveniently accessible on multiple devices