Elaqua Experience

01 Purchasing

Elaqua uses an experienced and qualified dealership network across the world to provide customized service and training to new riders. Local dealerships will guide new users with customized service and offerings.

Our systems allow for forward-reservation holders to place customized orders for a custom color scheme and engravings- further enhancing the customization for customers. Our quick connect accessories along with our partnerships give maximum value to our drivers.

02 Membership

Connecting people. Connecting journeys.
Elaqua is a company on a mission to bring riders closer to nature and to each other.
Elaqua Cloud Membership is the key to unlocking your own personalized PWC experience.
Members can manage a la carte software packages to enhance their ride with features like way points, time tracking, drone management, and vehicle to vehicle communication.

As our community grows, we’ll keep adding new features to foster exploration, excitement, and community between local riders. You’ll also have access to exclusive offers and events through our community portal.
“Meaningful change happens when people come together. That's how we've built Elaqua and that's how we want to build our community.”

03 Service

Send service requests and book your service appointments through your smartphone.

Automatically upload diagnostic data and receive estimates in no time.

Keeping your PWC healthy and on the water has never been easier.

Over the air updates

Over-the-air updates enable us to continuously improve the experience for every owner. New features and performance updates include entertainment, digital experience, vehicle dynamics, range and efficiency, battery management algorithms, thermal management and more.

Adventure confidently.

Coverage Highlights
50 hours or 1 years
200 hours or 3 years
Warranties are based on whichever comes first. A full list of warranty coverage will be located in the Warranty Guide prior to production vehicles being available for purchase.
04 Charging
Elaqua has partnered with Enel X to provide riders with exclusive pricing for the best suite of intelligent charging platforms available.

All Enel X chargers come standard with WiFi, BT, QR Code, RFID, and OCPP so you decide how you charge.

Enel X is the world leader in Energy Demand Response technology and is ready to meet the growing demand for fast, efficient EV charging across the world.

05 Insurance

Watercraft Coverage -
Explore with confidence.

Our seamless user experience doesn't stop at hardware.
Customers will be able to purchase comprehensive insurance for their PWC within our Elaqua App.
Underwritten by a major insurance carrier, available immediately to users in the lower 48. International coverage coming soon.

Elaqua Insurance uses technology and data to inform your policy, with coverage specifically designed for EV Watercraft.

For questions about Elaqua Insurance, email us at insurance@elaqua.io
Insurance products and discounts not available for purchase in all states. Elaqua Marine, Inc. is not a certified insurance agent. Products are underwritten by Elaqua's third party insurance carriers. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements. Actual savings may vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes.