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The Elaqua Ecosystem

The Elaqua Ecosystem includes the entire holistic offerings of Elaqua Marine. Electric Vehicle Technologies coupled with a strong operational excellence allows for incredible potential. The Ecosystem of product, software, distribution, service, and manufacturing allows Elaqua to scale faster than competitors. Powered by Industry 4.0, Elaqua Marine leverages the best cutting edge technologies to bring new solutions to the recreational boating world.

Our personal watercraft meet the demands of the growing recreational and commercial boating segment who are seeking to explore without compromise.

Key Highlights

Creating value for our shareholders.
Elaqua Marine Inc is a U.S. company that utilizes industry 4.0 technologies and additive manufacturing to create a fully electric personal watercraft.

Compounded Annual Growth (CAGR)

Market research indicates a 6.8% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the forecast (until 2027). Strong market growth in sectors in North America.

Large Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Elaqua Marine has identified an immediate TAM of 7.04Bn. Software, next generation features, along with new offerings is expected to increase this TAM over the Elaqua forecast period.

Deep Tech and Elaqua TEX

An entire division of Elaqua is dedicated to future research and development of deep technologies for the entire marine industry. These deep technologies can be commercialized on Elaqua product offerings as well as offered to the Department of Defense, state and local governments, and academic research groups. This experimental and advanced division will bring maximum value and strong-holds on specific technologies within the marine and EV segments.

Transition into future product lines

Our technology, software, systems, and manufacturing processes will enable Elaqua marine to expand into future product lines. Our roadmap includes next generation technologies that aim to disrupt many areas within the marine industry and beyond.

Leveraging new scalable manufacturing techniques

Utilizing additive manufacturing and industry 4.0 technologies Elaqua marine can leverage our trade secrets to manufacture our units at an unprecedented cost, speed, and agility. We are utilizing AI and distributed manufacturing to build for supply chain resilience.

High Demand

Excitement is high with a pipeline that poised to create a strong niche within the industry. We actively manage and grow our pipeline with future partnerships, dealerships, and international businesses .

Technologies and Intellectual Property

Elaqua is focused on developing intellectual property and engineering features that are unprecedented in the marine industry. Whether by new feature development or innovating on current designs - Elaqua's IP will protect our position in the market.


Elaqua's projections and market research show a strong fleet segment that is primed for electrification. Elaqua is working with partners to ensure a transition of fleets from traditional ICE vehicles to EV.

Dealership and Distributor Network

Elaqua Marine is building and leveraging a world-class dealership and distributor network to enable local support for all of our customers. Leveraging dealership's experience and knowledge is beneficial to the customer and keeps our customer acquisition costs low.

Elaqua intends to capitalize on the recent advances in lithium ion batteries, additive manufacturing, and next generation tech to deliver a modern, 100% electric, 3D printed, ultra quiet personal watercraft.

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