100% Electric Personal Watercraft
Starting at $16,500
Built to make memories. Built with sustainability in mind. Your electric adventure awaits.
01 Capability
Exploring a new waterway? Enjoying the same lake you always have? Making new friends in new places? We build a PWC that can keep up with your adventures- no matter where you go.

Our intuitive user interface, powered by the Unreal HMI, enables you to select from several ride modes depending on where you are and what style of riding you want.

Launch Mode: Full power and full speed are delivered in Launch Mode for experienced riders or for when you're the only one on the open water and you want to see what you can do.

Cruise Mode: Activate cruise mode for when you are sightseeing and traveling to enjoy a smoother ride and increased battery life.

Pristine Mode: For when you find yourself in an area crowded with people or wildlife, Pristine Mode reduces speed and engine noise so that you can move without disturbing your neighbors.

Our extended battery pack offers riders up to 81 miles* of adventure which means on a single charge you could enjoy a trip from:
  • San Diego to Encinitas
  • Malibu to Ventura
  • San Francisco to Half Moon Bay
  • Miami to Fort Lauderdale
  • Circumnavigate Martha’s Vineyard

Elaqua PWCs are powered by a state of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system.

LiFePO4 batteries are ideal for use on the water because they are very stable, less toxic, and offer better performance at lower charges than other types of battery systems. With several safety redundancies and ruggedization our battery system will perform no matter how you ride.

Charging times vary depending on your equipment and electrical grid. Level 2 charging units are the best option for riders who store their ski in their home or at their dock, with the ability to provide a complete charge in approximately 2 hours. Level 2 mobile charging units are becoming more available and affordable for those who want to take their PWC off the grid. Level 3 chargers can charge your unit in 20 minutes or less.

Elaqua uses advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver a unique, state of the art PWC. A carbon fiber polymer hull along with stainless steel reinforcements provides strength, stability, and longevity no matter how you use your ski. Vibration reducing components and insulation foam add comfort and stability for longer rides and longer life.

Advanced safety features include crash detection warning, rear view camera, and inclement weather warning system. Our intelligent battery management system keeps you aware of how much battery life is left in your ski and can log your journey and advise you on how to get back home safely.

Our PWCs are backed by a 1-year/ 50 hour limited warranty and our batteries are backed by a 3-year/ 200 hour warranty from our battery manufacturer.Our dealer network is available to assist you for the lifetime of your PWC
Highlights of Capability
     Drive Train                   Acceleration Response                       Range                             Top Speed
100% Electric              <1ms                         81miles                  55mph
02 Experience
Unlock a new dimension to your PWC adventure. An easy-to-use HMI, elegant designs, and true smartphone connectivity enable you to make the journey your own in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Elaqua's connected PWC experience features a mobile app, an onboard Human Interface (screen) and 5G connectivity. WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS signal coupled by 5G LTE allows users to have blazing fast internet (when available) while on the water. Remote start, remote camera views, camera recording while riding, remote charging status, geofencing, and speed limiting are just some of the features our connected PWC can offer to the boater.

Modern materials for a modern PWC. We’ve chosen a variety of modern stylish finish features to match the spirit of our PWC. You can choose from an eye catching selection of non-slip mats, optional carbon fiber forged cladding, and elegant stainless steel accent pieces.

Durable marine paint provides the look and longevity you expect. We can offer over 20 unique colors and can customize paint and graphic choices so you can make your PWC truly your own whether for yourself or your fleet.

The Elaqua Human Machine Interface provides integrations from Spotify and Tune-In Radio which can be controlled directly from the touchscreen. Several speaker options are available for however you like to enjoy your favorite songs, radio stations, or podcasts.

Our Swiss-made watch collection (coming soon) will allow for riders to purchase high-end watches to double as a key to their Elaqua PWC. The watch will also serve as a redundancy to the safety strap to ensure your unit stays with you.
Highlights of Experience
Data capabilities             Connected Experience                Color Selections                Emissions
5G LTE, GPS           Mobile-app                  20+ Colors         0 emissions
03 Technology Enchanced
Technology features don’t just make your experience more enjoyable- we’ve developed a robust safety intelligent systems to make sure you are protected when exploring the open water and riding through crowded areas

Our safety sensor system comes standard on every PWC and includes front and rear cameras, radar, and system health sensors to keep you alert and safe on your ride.

  • 3 HD cameras
  • 8 Sensor Devices
  • 3 Radar Systems

The 15.5" ultra-bright touchscreen allows users to interact with our watercraft in ways never seen in the industry. From our infotainment system to in-depth GPS charting and plotting, to recording video- our HMI gives users full control for the day on the water. Touchscreen can be enabled and disabled via the handlebar controls.

Our sport drone launches from the back of your ski and can record your ride, give you a bird’s eye view of the area, or simply take stunning 5k photo and video. Take off and land from your craft, and use active-track technologies to automatically film your adventure.

A prominent LED light bar offers 12 striking accent colors of your choice during operation and can change color to show you the state of your ski at a glance whether you’re charging or blasting off in Launch Mode.

Apple's "Find My" integration allows Elaqua's PWC to be found anywhere on the globe- even when cell signal is weak or if all power has been drained. Get last seen signals sent out and alarm the PWC remotely and send a message to the on-board screen. No matter what happens, always find your way back to your Elaqua.

Highlights of Experience
Cameras                              Screen                                  Light Bar                                Security
3 Cameras          1080p Ultra Bright      12+ Status Colors         Apple "Find My"
04 Next Generation Technologies
Elaqua harmonizes all the latest connectivity and software features to give you an updated experience.

We power our user interface with the Unreal HMI due to its ease of access and customizability. You'll be able to easily select settings, check in on your system status, and connect with other riders near you.

Elaqua Marine's servers are run on Amazon Web Services. Providing 99.99% up-time, scalable servers to ensure fast-speeds for connection, and diagnostic reportings to help Elaqua improve the user experience.

Elaqua has built on the Apple Development Kit and allows the user the option to share data with Apple to enable the following:

  • Apple HomeKit: Ask Siri about the status of your PWC
  • Apple Find My: Locate, alarm, and send signals to your PWC anytime
  • Apple Health: Record your PWC and Heart Rate for insights into your riding

5G LTE allows users to have fast connection with the Elaqua servers to enable seamless high speed streaming of exterior data and safety reporting back to the servers.

05 Specifications
* Range is calculated in ideal conditions- may vary. Specifications and features subject to change.
Dimension A

Dimension B

Dimension C

Dry Weight

134" (340cm)

49" (124cm)

50" (127cm)

680lbs (308kg)

3 persons

Hull Material



Top Speed

175 HP


81 miles* (130 km)

Electronically Driven

55MPH (89 kpm)

5000RPM rated
Communication Protocol


Sound System

Human Interface




Sensors and Radar


Bluetooth 3.0

Premium Speakers- Spotify

15.5" Bright Touchscreen

Elaqua Anti-Theft System

Engine Cutoff

3 Cameras

8 Devices