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Personal Watercraft FAQ

How do I charge my PWC?

Elaqua PWCs can be charged on Level 1, 2, or 3 charging stations.

How long does it take to charge?

Charging times vary by equipment and charging level.
Level 1 chargers- 20 hours
Level 2 chargers- 2 hours
Level 3 chargers- 20 minutes or less

Can I charge my PWC with the outlets already in my house? What about at the charging stations already near me?

PWC compatible 110V charging cables can be purchased from your local dealer so that you can charge without any retrofitting. Our PWC is also compatible with existing EV charging infrastructure that you see at charge stations, shopping centers, and even state parks.

How can I charge my PWC faster?

Thanks to our partnership with Enel X, customers will have access to a variety of level 1 and 2 charging equipment which can be purchased through your local dealership. We are also working to develop an approved network of certified installation experts who can help you upfit your garage, dock, or boathouse with Enel X charging stations to enable you to charge your ski in minutes.

Will my dealership be able to service my ski?

All our dealers will have trained and certified technicians who are able to provide complete service for your PWC.

When will I be able to get my PWC?

Production units are scheduled to become available Q4 2022/Q1 2023. You can reserve your place in line with a deposit and when the time comes, we will connect you to your local dealer who will handle the delivery of your PWC.

I'm worried about the combination of electricity and water. How safe are these?

We use LiFePO4 batteries which are used in a wide variety of applications on land and sea, but are well suited for marine applications because of their chemical stability, safety, efficiency, and long life. We also build our PWCs with marine grade electrical connectors and redundant safety features which automatically cut power if the ski detects a crash or a fall.

What is the range?

Range depends on conditions and ride style. 81 miles is the maximum range (similar to a gas powered PWC)

Connected Technologies FAQ

How do I choose my software package?

Customers will be given access to our Elaqua App where they can set up their account, select their software packages, and manage their subscriptions. We also offer a free subscription.

Do I have to use subscription software to use my PWC?

No. Customers can skip the software add-ons and use their PWC in Base Mode.

How are updates sent to my ski?

Customers can elect to receive their updates automatically or manually install them. Your dealer will also make sure your ski is up to date whenever it undergoes service or repairs.

What devices is the mobile app compatible with?

Our cloud based app, FleetOS, and DealerOS is available on desktop, apple, android, and tablets. We also integrate with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home. These can configured with your connected home application.

How can I see the screen while riding?

Elaqua uses an ultra bright and high definition screen that allows riders to see and use the screen even during the brightest summer day. Our handlebars have controls to disable the touchscreen offering and use manual joystick controls.

How does the screen enhance safety in an emergency?

Our touchscreen- on all the screens- has the ability to view your coordinates and one touch SOS signals automatically broadcasting your coordinates and status to local officials and boaters.

How can I view my footage from my ride?

Our mobile app saves a cache version of all riding film you choose to record. Upload to social media and share with your friends in a few clicks!

How can I find my PWC if stolen or lost?

Use apple find my or our application to try to locate your unit. contact us at info@elaqua.io if information is needed for a police report.

Warranty FAQ

How is my ski covered under warranty?

Our PWCs are backed by a limited 1 year/ 50 hour warranty which covers manufacturing defects. Our battery packs are warrantied for 3 year/ 200 hour Refer to your owners manual upon delivery for registration and legal documentation.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?

Contact your local dealer for any extended warranty offerings they may have.

Who do I contact about warranty service?

Contact your local dealer- if you need help locating them reach out to us.

Fleets FAQ

How can I upgrade my fleet?

Fleet owners can secure orders by reaching out to fleets@elaqua.io.

How can I charge my fleet?

Level 2 and 3 chargers are the best option for fleet owners. Fleet operators will find that any licensed electrician is capable of upgrading and installing level 2 equipment. Contact us to purchase the chargers from our partner Enel X.

What about fleet maintenance?

Maintenance can be coordinated through your local dealership or any certified service center.

Do I have to subscribe to the software membership for my fleet?

Fleet owners can elect to operate their fleets in Base Mode, however many of our software applications are perfectly tailored for fleet owners such as speed limiting, geofencing, timers, and predictive maintenance.

How does FleetOS work?

Fleets can subscribe to our FleetOS software.

Reservations FAQ

How can I secure a pre-order for when PWCs become available?

You can reserve your PWC on your website now. You will receive status updates from Elaqua and we will send you an estimated delivery date for your ski as soon as we can.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation at anytime leading up to delivery- fully refundable.

What countries can I reserve from?

Elaqua ships to 80+ countries, you may submit your reservation and we will contact you closer to shipment to coordinate logistics and support. We have international dealers/distributors that may be able to service your unit.

When can I customize my unit?

Customization emails go out about 90 days before shipment of the unit. Please keep a close eye on your email and phone application.

Can I finance my unit?

The pre-deposit is not able to be financed. The unit ultimately may be paid with bank financing or any other methods subject at your local dealership.

Still need help?

Contact our team members, we're happy to help.Contact us.